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Fractional CFO & Fractional Controller services,
Financial Leadership & Accounting Services

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A clear financial plan is the key to profitable growth that scales.

When growth causes internal chaos and confusion, it feels out of control. That can leave you feeling uncertain of the future.

Many leaders are overwhelmed by business complexities with no clear financial plan for growth. Our Finance Leaders provide clarity and strategy so business leaders feel confident, back in control, and ready to scale.

Be Prepared for Banks, Investors & Opportunities

  • Build a relationship with a creative problem solver who thinks one step ahead.

  • Have the correct automations, controls, and processes in place.

  • Delegate financial tasks so you can get back to working on the business.

Strategy and Clarity with Finance Leaders

Affordable, financial leadership for all business sizes and situations.

Our epic team of experienced Finance Leaders has excelled in the Big Four professional services firms, but we’re also passionate about mid-market and small business success. We can help make sense of business complexities and identify new opportunities for profit.

Fractional CFO

Fully integrated executive team member leading your financial strategy.

Fractional CFO

A Fractional Chief Financial Officer provides clarity and strategy to help with opportunities to scale your business.

Services starting at $4,995/month and 7-10 hrs/week

Fractional Controller

Support your current CFO with a team member leading the finance & accounting table stakes.

Fractional Controller

Your executive team requires timely, accurate financial information to be ready to scale. A Fractional Controller takes care of the finance & accounting function so your CFO can provide clarity and strategy.

Services starting at $3,495/month and 7-10 hrs/week

Financial Leadership

A business advisor and coach to help you build a financial strategy.

Financial Leadership

You are not ready for a full CFO but you are preparing to grow. A Finance Leader coaches and advises on strategies and opportunities to scale your business.

Services starting at $1,995/month and 7-10 hrs/month

Accounting Services

Support your Finance & Accounting by outsourcing your bookkeeping.

Accounting Services

You want timely, accurate financial records with your data entered and your books in order. Our Accounting Services provide a full back-office solution to your finance & accounting function.

Accounting Services includes a team approach with a Controller, a Bookkeeping Accountant, client experience, and technology support.

Services starting at $1,795/month with a Finance Leader package

Here’s How We Do It

Amplify Your Business

We know you are a confident business leader. You want to be in control of your company and prepared to scale. To do that, you need a Finance Leader on your team to provide clarity and strategy in seeking opportunities for growth.

The problem is the financial health and structure of your company isn’t ready to scale. Internally, there’s chaos and confusion with no clear financial plan to successfully grow the business. You’re stretched and it is threatening what is important to you. If this continues, you’ll hit a plateau.

At Amplify, we’re entrepreneurial too. We understand the challenges associated with growth. That’s why we believe you deserve the best financial leadership — affordable, fractional help — despite your company’s size or situation. Our epic team of experienced Finance Leaders have been trained at Big Four professional services firms and have been CFOs for public & private companies in the communities we serve. With this experience and their passion for mid-market and small business, we have supported over $7,000,000 per year in average annual financing for business leaders just like you. We provide Fractional CFO & Fractional Controller services, plus Financial Leadership & Accounting Services.

Book a meeting today so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start getting ready for the opportunities you deserve.

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Amplify is the perfect solution to our small, smart up business.

They provide professional accounting and reporting services that meet our needs.

Murray Hnatyshyn, VP Corporate Development, Versorium Energy Ltd.

Our fractional CFO adds knowledge and expertise to our small but growing business.

From ongoing cashflow management to longer term planning, he is both positive and proactive.

Jill Dewes, Partner & Director of Business Development, Daughter Creative Inc.

We recently hired Amplify and we are totally impressed with this company.

The caliber of our new advisor is outstanding and we are very pleased.

Highly recommend Amplify!

Dorothy Jekill, Co-Founder, Sollora Peptides Inc.
Burwood Distillery

Amplify has been able to provide top tier guidance for structured, fiscally responsible growth as we move into our 3rd year of operation. Our main contact and our Finance Leader have both gone above and beyond to help us re-organize our books and implement systems to provide better data for trend analysis, refine our corporate structure, and to provide sound financial guidance based on our business history to help streamline our operation. Most importantly, Amplify has been able to help us set overall business KPIs and really nail down what our business is all about as we grow into the future.

Jordan Ramey, PhD Chief Operations Officer, Burwood Distillery

I appreciate the proactive and strategic leadership our Amplify CFO has provided substantially, and that they are not only a culture fit but actually enhance the culture of our team.

Matt Diteljan, CEO and Founder, Glacier

We’ve really appreciated the support from Amplify, especially considering the timing of the pandemic. The value was immediate.

Grady Topak, Co-Founder, YYC Cycle Spin Studio

Amplify did a great job finding a part time CFO that was a great fit for our start-up. The CFO was knowledgeable, but had access to other resources at Amplify that they could access. It was as if we had a full team of people instead of a single person 1 day per week. Amplify provided the tools and resources we needed to better understand how to make our start-up a success.

Founder, Anonymous Energy Technology Company in Edmonton