It’s a fantastic part of our business – financial strategy!
We are so grateful to recruit and attract the talent that makes up our epic team.

It’s a great pleasure to introduce our latest Fractional CFO, Heidi.

Heidi is joining us as a Finance Leader (CFO) who will work with growing businesses on their financial strategy.

Heidi’s background includes leading investment companies like Matco Financial at an executive level and controller roles at Equicapita, Capita Funds & Canoe Financial (Jamie was her auditor at Canoe!)

Heidi was also a client of Amplify with her most recent position at Minto Explorations.

Heidi also still works at The51 and she will continue to support their important mission while coming on with us as a permanent part-time employee.

Heidi is an avid reader, a dog owner, loves to travel and contribute to her community.

She also holds board positions with Prospect Human Services Society and her local community association.

Heidi also is a lifelong learner and is currently pursuing her ICD designation to advance her governance and board of director knowledge.

Heidi brings a unique understanding of finance and strategy to our team.

Our clients will love her get-it-done and make-it-efficient approach.

We’ve known Heidi in various capacities over the years and we are humbled by her interest and willingness to jump on board with Amplify.

Heidi is going to thrive in our culture with our values and purpose/why.

We know that Client Experience will be her priority and she will do a fabulous job as a Fractional CFO, Advisor & Coach in Financial Leadership.

She’s also going to help NetSuite projects for AmplifyTech clients.

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