Corporate Controllers and Accountants oh my!

We’ve got them all starting with Amplify right now so have a look!


Businesses that outsource their full accounting and finance function to Amplify have peace of mind.

The back-office and administrative matters of accounting and finance are taken care of.

Hilary joins our Accounting Services and under the oversight of a Controller and with a CFO as the Finance Leader. She will join successful clients to scale profitably with our help.

Its exciting to see this team grow. Hilary joins some amazing peers. They will take her under their wing and collaborate with her. She’ll have the support of our Finance Leaders too.

Hilary will work from anywhere which gives her the work/life flex to be the great mother and wife that she is!

She’ll also have the chance to work with engaging clients and important work while still committing to her other priorities.

We are very thankful to have Hilary on our epic team.

And warm welcomes to all three epic finance ladies!

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