Meeting Lisa while reading ‘Grit’ in our Amplify book club felt like fate.

Her energy and enthusiasm speaks of it and her clients are sure to value her hard work.

Our latest Controller is Lisa Huang and she’s bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge helping growth businesses.

She’s a strong accountant that’s going to help us launch our new Ascend package along with serving our many current clients that trust us with their fully outsourced accounting and finance function.

Lisa is a mother who has worked hard here in Canada to launch her CPA career here.

She’s worked with many industries and has a wealth of knowledge.

She brings a new perspective to each team and client she helps.

She’s well read and passionate about ideas.

And we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Amplify’s Controllers serve growth businesses that trust us as their fully outsourced finance and accounting team. It’s a model that helps businesses scale and grow with financial strategy and practical access to financial leadership. The controllers are mentored and led by our CFOs.

We also serve some external CFO clients as a Fractional Controller. Companies owned by private equity or family offices that need an operational leader of accounting but have the financial strategy in-house love working with our Controllers.

We are Amplifying in BC!

We are thrilled to announce the soft launch of our British Columbia practice!

Kevin Black joins us from Lake Country, BC and is heading up the Finance Leader services as a Fractional CFO.

He brings to the market a true “best of the big” approach that Amplify is known for.

Having worked at international companies in Financial Leadership and as a Partner at a Big Four, he knows what good looks like.

Yet, he’s passionate about the growth businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit of his communities.

Many years serving in a small tax firm makes him very familiar with growth businesses that are small and medium.

He’s also an entrepreneur himself and has been a CFO.

What an amazing opportunity for the clients that will work with him!

Do you know a growing business in BC that needs help scaling through financial strategy? Introduce us and let us work with them!

We weren’t planning to launch a new city yet and this is just putting our toes in the lake as they say, but when an opportunity presents itself, you take it.

Hiring Kevin and doing a soft BC launch is opportunistic for us and exciting.

Someday soon new regions are going to be strategic.

Stay tuned as we know without our network none of this journey to date (or ahead) would be possible.

Thank you for your support and all your referrals!

Lastly, who is Kevin outside being a CFO?

Well, he’s a husband and father, and a man with a true growth mindset.

He left Amplify’s hometown as a dedicated hockey dad supporting the kids’ chances and the Okanagan pulled and kept him and his family!

He’s since invested in the community and he’s excited to help it through Amplify’s work.

We are always so grateful when we announce new CFO’s!

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