We have added two new members to our epic team!

HEATHER PENNETT has joined us as a Finance Leader – Fractional Controller.

DREW ENGLOT has joined our Accounting Team.

We are excited to welcome Heather Pennett as our newest addition to our Finance Leader – Fractional Controller team!

Heather is working hard with us already on two retail e-commerce clients and a distillery.

She’s also assigned to an internal project with our COO.

Heather brings an experience to our team that is going to amplify it!

She has worked in a number of manager roles and is a fellow PwC alumni too.

Her experience includes international work, investment entities, financial reporting, payroll, team lead and other broad opportunities.

Heather’s calm and confident approach to client service is a great fit for our growing clients.

Outside of work, Heather is an active mom who supports her two kids and her husband’s community with volunteer time. They are a busy family with lots on the go!


We are also excited to have Drew Englot onboard our Accounting Services team.

He joins us a dedicated book-keeper who took his related education at Medicine Hat College.

Drew has worked in client service for most of his career and he is excited to join Amplify and learn new technologies and client experience approaches.

Our epic team is grateful for Drew as an addition. Drew is starting out with one of our data center technology clients.

Drew is active in the community which makes him a fantastic fit for us – it is one of our values after all!

He is married and has a growing family and enjoys golf, hockey, baseball, football, travel, and volunteering.