Finally, we hired a CFA!

Kidding, we are excited to announce much bigger news than just that.

Welcome Brad Giblin who has joined us as an FTE employee, Finance Leader (Fractional CFO).

Brad is already assigned to clients and he’s diving in quickly and successfully.

We are thrilled to be able to align Brad’s expertise with growing businesses that need a financial executive on their team.

Brad comes to us from our PwC alumni days (he’s also U of S alumni too!) and frankly because we have the best recruiting service that we use internally as well. Incredible candidates come from the network our recruiting team connects with and serves. After working with Amplify as a contractor it was clear that Brad was an excellent fit for us.

Brad’s experience in CFO roles, start-ups, IPOs & international pubcos has brought him years of board, investor, and forecasting experience. Our clients will benefit tremendously from his passion for client experience and growing scale-ups.

Brad trained in Calgary as an auditor and was CFO for a number of energy companies, working with successful teams and maintaining long-term relationships that crossed entities and opportunities. He has also been in emerging markets outside of energy.

Connect with Brad

Our Fractional CFO service line supports small and medium business that are growing. Companies that are growing at a pace that they need CFO level financial leadership, yet, they are still the size that they are not quite ready for the budget of a FTE (or the workload). We step in and take the whole role of CFO on a scalable level that is practical for the business. We invest in the commitment and grow with our clients. We have a passion for the cultures, growth, and most importantly, the people at our client’s business.

It is always humbling to bring people like Brad onto our epic team. The opportunity to learn with him and to set up our clients to succeed with him is mind-blowing. We don’t take for granted the people that focus on our values and make the decision to join us on our journey.

When Brad isn’t sitting as an executive, he’s with his family or at the lake (or both). He’s an avid water sports fan and outdoor activities enthusiast. As a husband and a busy father of two, he’s always got lots on the go.

We can’t wait to work with Brad (again).

Welcome Brad!!