Our Recruiting Services is doubling!

We have always placed CPAs in contract positions and permanent roles.

In fact, recruiting has historically been a significant portion of our activities here at Amplify. From 2018 until a year ago, we did recruiting on the side of Jamie’s (& Jesse’s) desk. We were responsive and we were able to work with amazing candidates and clients, but it wasn’t all that strategic.

A year ago though we brought Ryan on as our Recruiting Manager and that all changed. This year Ryan has transformed our Recruiting Service line and we are so proud of the Client Experience and Candidate Experience that we deliver.

Adding Carolyn now will absolutely amplify this service line.

We differentiate in a number of ways and here are just a few examples:

  • With a team of ~ 30 here at Amplify we are able to access an exponential network of CPAs. Most of our candidates have worked with one of us before or come to us as a referral from our trusted network. We know our candidates.
  • With service lines that are designed to provide business leadership for growth and profit we are focused on helping businesses scale with sound financial strategy. We are also run by CPAs and we are a remote, work from client organization which further advances our cost structure to the benefit of our people and our clients. The shared overhead and cost structure allows us to introduce market disruptive pricing when we work on permanent placements. It also allows our contracts to be employed by a CPA Firm.
  • Candidate Experience – our candidates are our future clients, our friends and fellow CPAs. We value them as much as our clients and we work hard to deliver an experience to both the client and the candidate that all parties can be proud of participating in. We don’t see our candidates as inventory or just a resume. We hear that is unusual?

Carolyn is going to let us do all three of these things better and more often.

In particular, Carolyn has been a professional barrel racer and that meant that she often did her CPA work as a contractor. The opportunity to have someone like Carolyn who has a history of being a contractor and working with many recruiters is an amazing opportunity to enhance our Candidate Experience. She’s walked in their boots!

Carolyn has worked for all size entities and many industries but her articling was at a local firm and that SME background is fantastic to round out our team.

Carolyn’s experience at Cenovus, ClearStream Energy, INNOVA, Husky and more, brings a unique understanding of what a hiring manager is looking for. As a CPA who has worked within many Finance and Accounting teams, she will be able to communicate and collaborate with clients in a way that respects their time and challenges. Carolyn has also held roles as a Manager, Contractor, Senior Analyst, Controller and Team Lead. It will be a big change for her to leave the numbers behind!!

Carolyn is a lover of animals and has a passion for horses. She is dedicated to riding and caring for her horse, Sophie. She was formally active in barrel racing and is considering a return to the sport. In the meantime, her love of the horse and rodeo industry extends to her podcast listening and her view of business which is an exciting addition to our team.

Carolyn will quickly ramp up assisting Ryan on permanent placement opportunities and contract roles.

She is going to lead the CFO Readiness that we are impatiently waiting to launch post-COVID (i.e. 4th wave).

If you are a controller or director or finance leader looking to advance to the ‘top job’ sign up for the CFO Readiness wait list and you’ll hear from Carolyn soon: SIGN UP HERE

She is going to build up her candidate network rapidly and if you are joining the “Great Resignation” or the Post-COVID Churn – People Are About To Be On The MOVE In Their Careers | Amplify Advisors™ and you want to get on our candidate list, reach out to connect with Carolyn HERE.

If you are in need of CPA support you can also book time with her as she will be relieving recruiting pressure faced by hiring managers and placing candidates and providing a seamless team integration.