It is exciting to see our Fractional CFO services continue to grow with stellar talent like Jay.

We are ecstatic that we have Jay joining us and working with clients in energy and distilling (to start!).

Jay brings experience in Investor Relations and Treasury, as well as the CFO and Finance Leader experience to our epic team.

  • He has spent time with Superior Plus Corp in various roles including at the VP level
  • He has the experience of being a client service manager at KPMG at the audit manager level
  • He worked in energy tech as a CFO
  • Jay has spent time as an IPO consultant
  • Most recently, Jay worked in a growing business directing accounting and finance

Jay is a U of S grad, another MPAcc’r, and an alumnus of KPMG. He’s worked on many exciting engagements throughout his career and his breadth of experience is a great asset to our clients and our team.

Jay is an outgoing leader that is looking forward to networking and meeting up with Business Leaders and CPAs once the world opens back up.

Connect with Jay

When Jay is not working to enhance communities, amplify opportunities, and cultivate connections he gets serious about his hobbies and his fun. Jay loves to bake cakes (there’s going to be a waitlist for one after this blog!). He has a passion for collecting whisky, making amazing coffee, riding his motorcycle, traveling, and much more. He has a girlfriend that he shares life with.

We look forward to the excitement that Jay will bring to our team.

Hopefully, we will do a live team event with him there soon but in the meantime, his video presence has been a great addition. Clients gain from Jay’s strategic perspective and vast experience. He’s ready to commit to our Client Experience and our values.

Our Finance Leader services include Fractional CFO and Financial Leadership services that support small and medium businesses. When growth causes internal chaos and confusion, it feels out of control. That can leave business leaders feeling uncertain of the future. Many leaders are overwhelmed by business complexities with no clear financial plan for growth. Our Finance Leaders provide clarity and strategy so business leaders feel confident, back in control, and ready to scale.

It is a great honour to bring people like Jay onto our epic team. The opportunity to work with him and match him with our clients to prosper with him is fantastic.

We don’t take for granted the individuals that focus on our values and take the leap to live our purpose with us.

Welcome Jay!!