It’s a great win to work with Kelly!

She is such a good fit we considered her for a number of roles.

In the end, client service and the chance to work directly with a client were a win-win!

Kelly is Alberta’s own. As an alumnus from Lethbridge, previous energy clients and sales jobs in her background, she’s ended up largely focused on SMEs.

A veteran of modern work and entrepreneurial CPA firms we are excited to learn from her. This isn’t the first time she joined a firm when they were at the 20-30 person level!

Kelly has a true growth mindset. She loves to absorb all types of learning from podcasts to books to TED and even volunteering in the space.

She’s a wife and a mother and she is an inspiring people person.

Kelly is a value fit for us who has lived our purpose at other firms, in her personal life, and through her career.

Connect with Kelly

Welcome Kelly!!