How Embracing Your Financials Can Save Your Business from Disaster | Collisions YYC

"When you’re creating a product and then you’ve got that inventory on shelves, but you haven’t sold it, that’s a major cash flow issue." — JAMIE L. SMITH (25:12) Talking about money isn't always fun, and some business owners wait until it's too late to discuss financial strategy. But

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Legacy Builders Unleashed | Merin Coutts Consulting

Join Merin Coutts and Jamie for the fifth episode of "Legacy Builders Unleashed." Discover strategies to transform your business into a sellable entity, independent of a single owner, with robust management and solid financials. Uncover critical elements such as owner independence, strong management, financial health, efficient systems, branding, tech

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How Values Came First…Literally! | Culture Hack

Join the conversation as Adam and Jamie unravel the essence of Amplify's culture, where purpose meets passion and innovation thrives. Discover how Amplify's culture isn't just a buzzword but a guiding force deeply intertwined with their core values. Jamie unveils the secrets behind building a community-driven culture that not

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Episode 236: Amplify Your Financial Strategy

For Episode 237 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Jamie L. Smith, the Chief Experience Officer at Amplify Advisors. Amplify Advisors helps small and medium-sized growth-focused businesses with their financial strategy. Their mission is to enhance communities, cultivate connections, and amplify opportunities by aiding these small to medium-sized

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Amplifying our Epic Team!

Did you think we slowed down? Wow, time has been flying by and we fell a bit behind in letting you know about the new hires to our Epic Team who joined us this summer and fall! Let's welcome our starting line up... In Finance Leader Services - CFO

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Personal Brand: You have one!

You have a personal brand, whether it's intentional or not. Deciding to build and/or influence your personal brand lets you design and live your life on purpose. When you have a personal brand that works for you, it opens doors. In Matthew McConaughey’s book called, Greenlights he says, "Live

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