Aha With Amplify

Aha with Amplify:

Fractional Executive Leadership

Thursday, February 2, 2023
5 pm MST

About this event

We are excited to work with friends and host our next LIVE in-person event!

For scale-ups, start-ups and any growing business, bringing on a full-time employee can be a real challenge. The cost is a lot. And finding the ‘unicorn’ that can do the entire job and lead is a challenge. Hiring is always tough, but when it’s at this level, that is amplified. The session is best for Business Leaders.

Navigating the Storm: How Fractional Executives Can Help Your Business Thrive in Tough Economic Times

Join Amplify Advisors, Goodlawyer, and Alberta IoT at The Edison on Thursday, February 2, 2023, for a fireside chat and networking event on how fractional executives can help your business thrive in tough times.

Our panel includes Brett Colvin, Co-Founder & CEO of Goodlawyer, Jamie L. Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Amplify Advisors, and moderator Brenda Beckedorf of Alberta IoT.

These fractional industry experts will discuss the benefits of using fractional legal, fractional financial leadership, and other fractional professional services during challenging economic times.

In addition, the panel will share their experiences and insights on how businesses can access fractional executive services without having to commit to the costs and contracts of traditional consulting firms or law firms.

The event will also allow attendees to network with other business owners, leaders, and experts and learn about the latest trends and developments in fractional executive services.

Take advantage of this informative and engaging event on how fractional executives can help your business navigate economic challenges and succeed in today’s competitive market.

The event will be held at the Edison (150 9th Ave, Calgary, AB) from 5-9 pm.

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‘Aha with Amplify’ is designed for our CPA network & community Business Leaders.

Aha with Amplify:

Cyber Security

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
12 pm MST

About this event

It is the one Aha of the year that is mandatory for Amplifiers.
Your team may need the friendly nudge too. We all need regular training and updates on cyber security, don’t we?

Reminders of why it matters and how frequently the risk of cyber attacks is helping us all.

Learning about the trends and what’s happening in the space is critical for Business Leaders, CPAs and employees.

This year we’ve got two twists to add to make it interesting!

1. The Criminal – Smart people like our Aha members can benefit from a discussion of the mindset and organization of the criminal. We can better navigate the risks when we understand what motivates someone and their objective. It is fascinating and a bit frightening, isn’t it?

2. Out of your Comfort – Sometimes you need a challenge. Sometimes you need to push yourself. That’s what’s happening in February. Unlike many of you that met at work, have worked together, or go on dates at Aha events, this is new for this couple!

Our Co-Founder is hosting her husband, J.D., to be the IT expert on cyber this year!

Mariner is quickly getting deeper in the cyber security space and J.D. has been researching and talking about it non-stop so when the opportunity to have him present came up, it felt like a fit! There could be some unintentional comedy that arises and keeps the session interesting.

It isn’t the only cyber training you need this year, but its a great kick-start or addition. Share the invitation and see you there!

‘Aha with Amplify’ is designed for our CPA network & community Business Leaders.

Aha with Amplify

The 3rd Tuesday of the month
12:00 pm MST

We host ‘Aha with Amplify’ on the 3rd Tuesday of most months.

‘Aha with Amplify’ is designed for our CPA network & community Business Leaders.

Past sessions have touched on:

  • Financial Strategy
  • Cyber Security
  • Ethics in Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Accounting Annual Update
  • M&A + Transactions
  • Coaching and Team Leadership
  • COOs and CFOs
  • Commercial Lending
  • Insurance

and much much more!