Did you think we slowed down?

Wow, time has been flying by and we fell a bit behind in letting you know about the new hires to our Epic Team who joined us this summer and fall!

Let’s welcome our starting line up…

In Finance Leader Services – CFO – Vic Fitch!

And in Recruiting Services – Senior Consultant – Amanda Fisher!

And also in Finance Leader Services – CFO – Scott Neate!

We strive to live our purpose at Amplify which is:

Enhancing Communities
Amplifying Opportunities
Cultivating Connections

Groups like FEI let us do all of those!

Peer groups are a fantastic thing.

Especially as it gets lonely at the top? (Though we avoid that phenomenon as part of working at a firm.)

We met Vic Fitch, our latest CFO, who comes to us through FEI.

He’s a seasoned Finance Leader and an example of what we love!

We’ve got a few competitors in the CFO Services and the “biggest” one is the solepreneurs. Like Vic was!

Solepreneurs can find that their journey is even more rewarding with us because they get to continue to work with growing businesses but they also get:

  • diversified & reduced risk
  • employment at a CPA Alberta firm
  • back office, insurance, contracts, collections and all that jazz
  • no pressure to sell

But those aren’t really all that inspiring are they?

It’s our purpose, our epic team, our commitment to scaling businesses to profit, and our tools, methodology and support that really wins the battle.

We top it off with competitive compensation and a fulsome employee experience.

For clients it’s very similar. Client Experience and the cumulative experience of our team and firm give executives confidence.

Vic is a shining example with experience in energy, healthcare and consulting. When he’s not helping businesses grow he’s an active son helping out his parents, a father, a contributor to the community, and a church member.

We are thrilled he was able to hit the ground running and has taken over some of Amplify’s oldest clients along with onboarding some new ones.

Welcome Vic!

Every service line gets a turn today!

Who’s the newest Amplifier that will help you hire or get hired? It’s Amanda Fisher.

As a CPA she’s walked in the shoes of our candidates and our hiring managers!

Amanda is ready to take her change management and passion for leadership in a whole new direction helping growth clients build out the finance and accounting team. She has experience in HR projects, internal audit (where you see it all) and accounting. It’s a great mix with the role of placing CPAs in permanent and temporary roles.

We prioritize Candidate Experience and Client Experience and Amanda is a breath of fresh air for candidates that are tired of the rushed and transactional approach of our competition.

Clients love that we have relationships and that we often have history with our recommended hires.

Amanda is making sure we deliver on these differentiators!

Along with all of this, Amanda gives back to the education community as a board member, she coaches softball, runs two beautiful girls around and cares for them, two dogs and a husband too. She’s designed a life to be envious of and it’s great to be a part of it!

Meet Amanda!

Let’s not stop yet! We have one more CFO to introduce you too!

This fall we brought on a 9th CFO.

Did you know that our team is quickly approaching 40 with about half as CPAs??

It’s an exciting day when you come to work surrounded by so much incredible brain power, passion, kindness and shared values of collaboration, connection, curiosity, candor and courage.

And Scott Neate now makes those days even better.

Scott is a CFA and CPA which is a great addition for us.

He’s also a former business owner which adds experience to our team and is a benefit to his clients.

He’s had Finance Leader experience in energy and private equity.

We’ve hired Scott part-time because we love his dedication to his family – both the business, the kids and husbandship!

Scott gives back as a coach. He’s got two children, a wife and is also working at Animal HealthLink.

He’s already “sold out” with us as he onboards a great new client and learns our techstack, methodologies, tools and team.

Welcome Scott!

Phew, that’s it for now! Thanks for learning about our new Amplify Team members!

It’s been a busy time of growth.

Our retention stays on track.

We’ve seen some Amplifiers graduate and move on and we welcome them as alums. They helped build us and we are eternally grateful and proud of them.

Overall our hires are net new and we already see how they amplify us!

It’s a quick pace world in human resources, employee experience, hiring and onboarding around here.

It’s nice to catch a breath and celebrate all we have to be grateful for!

We recruit amazing people like Vic, Amanda and Scott because of the incredible team members that serve our clients each day.

Each of these people do great work with us and love our purpose in their personal time too.

We are proud to share values with them and be part of their epic team.

Thank you to every one of them, new, old, gone and to yet to come!

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