We are humbled to add more Finance Leaders to our Epic Team!

Our Amplify Finance Leaders have excelled in the Big Four professional services firms, but we’re also passionate about mid-market and small business success. We can help make sense of business complexities and identify new opportunities for profit.

Brenda is known to many at Amplify from her time at FEI. She’s been on the board there with a few of us and has met many of us at events or as members. It’s a fantastic example of how building your network and investing in it can lead to opportunities. We are excited that she called us first when she had capacity to look at new opportunities. And that would never of happened if she didn’t put the time into the organization and if we weren’t participating there too. If you are interested in investing in yourself, FEI is one great way to do that. Check it out here: Financial Executives International | Advancing the success of financial executives through information, community and advocacy – FEI or contact Jamie who is helping with their membership. Brenda would be happy to help too!

Its also an example of how Enhancing Communities can build a great team. Working with Brenda in our volunteer roles made us confident she’d be a great addition. It helped us move fast and that we did!

Amplify is humbled to have Brenda join us as a Finance Leader. She has a diverse resume of helping all size businesses in many different roles. Most recently she worked in the tech space helping an entrepreneur. She is excited to help many more in her role of Finance Leader and has hit the ground running.

Amplify’s clients want to be ready for the next opportunity. They are Growth businesses that are investing in scaling their business with sound financial strategy. When they level up their team with a Finance Leader like Brenda they are well on their way to having the right systems, processes and people to support the team and meet their strategic goals. Brenda is excited about the Client Experience that gets her clients where they want to go.

We enjoy the curiosity you bring to the team and we are grateful to give clients the chance to add you to their team.

Join us and say hello to Brenda.

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