We are excited to have David join our Growth team!

Amplify Growth Team showing off some of their speed on the track

David has a proven track record of putting relationships first and building business as a result.

Helping in the community and finding ways to provide value isn’t new to David.

From his days in business development and telecom, to his early start in healthcare, and his successes in his own ventures, he’s always shown a similar approach to our Client Experience.

David came to us through a client of ours who was one of his business partners and that’s a meaningful referral!

We were familiar with David from our days helping other clients in similar industries and his reputation and approach had us excited to bring him onboard our Epic Team.

David and Tyler at an Amplify event

Besides his proven track record, most recently as a co-founder of Pedal Pub, which included changing laws to fit the business needs, surviving a pandemic, and partnering with local hospitality and craft beverage entrepreneurs, David is an active dad of three, a husband, a home chef, and is busy with his extended family, friends, and more.

One of David’s Pedal Pub co-founders was a CPA and CFO so David has the unique experience of understanding how impactful a Finance Leader is – even in the early days of your business.

David coaches and participates in the community with his kids and we can’t believe how connected he is! It’s very exciting for our team to have him join us.

David will bring financial strategy people to growing businesses.

He already knows about our Finance Leaders and Fractional CFO and full outsourced accounting options.

And he’s quickly getting up to speed on our Recruiting and how we have the best CPA candidates to place in permanent or temporary roles.

Lots more for him to learn but don’t hesitate to call him and get his help today!

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