1. They know the word yes
  2. They don’t talk about tax all the time
  3. They care more about strategic goals than costs
  4. They don’t wear pocket protectors
  5. They can’t add (CA did use to stand for that!) (obviously most can but few are mathematicians)


6. They are passionate about business
7. They are not always good at their expense forms either
8. Some are fun at happy hour
9. And as the night progresses
10. They are not devil advocates
11. They want to help the business
12. They don’t just sit behind a desk
13. When they are at their desk they don’t just use Excel
14. They are not policing the business
15. They don’t make decisions based on shareholder value and profit alone
16. They are curious about your revenue model and the related services and products
17. They have the courage to collaborate and they are not experts at all things financial
18. They are not passive aggressive
19. They are not obnoxiously aggressive
20. They are candid
21. They don’t dream and think in debits and credits
22. Some are fun at yoga, golf, hockey, biking, colouring or whatever you and your team do
23. Most aspire to leave the Finance / Accounting department
24. They have creative business ideas and solutions
25. They can advance strategy & push boundaries



Yes – We did colour that picture with our own hands and markers! Thanks for noticing! Here is another and a thank you for reading our fun blog.