Today on The Kondrat Podcast, Jamie L. Smith and Jesse Ferguson –  co-founders of Amplify Advisors.  Amplify is an accounting consulting firm with a focus on helping entrepreneurs build their businesses using more than just numbers and accounting jargon.  In today’s crazy times, their team is helping small businesses survive and develop strategies that will help them grow.  I happen to know many of their clients – so I personally see the positive impact they are making in our community!

Jamie has over 15 years of professional services at the “Big 4” and Jesse has over 10 years of professional services at Deloitte as well as CFO of a mid-market business.  The two of them met at Deloitte working on an accounting consulting team & from there decide to launch Amplify.

Amplify focuses on community business leaders and helping them with their growth. What makes them unique?  According to Jamie-  “We break down accounting stereotypes by putting relationships and strategy before numbers”.  It was a surprisingly interesting conversation in the truest sense of the phrase – I hope you enjoy!

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