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We recruit from our extensive and trusted network of proven CPA performers.

As CPAs ourselves, we accurately match your job description to suitable candidates for temporary, flexible contracts or long term permanent placements.  Identifying CPAs who are a personality and company culture fit is our priority. Once selected, we continue supporting you and the contractor with follow-up and collaboration for seamless integration.

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Amplify understood our needs on a very quick turnaround for a clerk position and was able to provide qualified candidates quickly. The candidate that we chose was a great fit for the team and our revenue processes were back on track within a few weeks. She has supported our AR function tremendously.

Anonymous Assistant Controller, a large Calgary organization

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Amplify team in both a consulting and recruiting capacity. The team’s straightforward and honest approach to engagements focuses on attaining the best results for their clients and candidates.

I would not hesitate to recommend their services and plan to work with them again in the future.

Pierre Morris, CPA, CA

Excellent needs assessment. Background profiles were perfect. Direct communication and feedback was appreciated.

Thankful that we found you.

Brad Wolff, President, Retail Media

We engaged Amplify to help us with our financial reporting and to avoid hiring a full-time position. Amplify identified a great consultant, worked closely with our team, and brought our financials up to a new level. Great job Amplify!

Rich Greenough, CFO, Minto Explorations Ltd.

Applying for this role has been such a positive experience from the get-go…. I commend you and your team for delivering excellent “client” service in your hiring practices. I mention it because it is still such a rarity and so appreciated when it does happen.

Anonymous candidate for an Amplify management role

Amplify has a keen ability to know what skills are required for roles and recommends suitable candidates.

The quality of candidates has been great!

Anonymous VP controller, @ Calgary organization > $1b revenue

Great group of people with a huge network of top talent.

Jordan Melanson, Candidate

Amplify has consistently gone “above and beyond” in seeking a role/position for me with an external candidate.  They always had my skill-set/background/work style in mind in working towards finding the ideal role that would be a “fit” for myself as well as the client.

I have always found Amplify’s recruiters to be able to find the balance between being serious about their role (professionalism) and having a easy going way of communicating – not as common a skill as most think.  The Amplify Fractional CFO that I worked with – absolute professional and a genuinely nice guy….a true pleasure to work with.  Both are models of integrity!

Kelly Davis, Candidate