Summer isn’t the only thing that is hot right now – Candidate Experience is hot too!

Recruiting is hot hot hot at Amplify!

We’ve seen so much growth in our services that we’ve had to Amplify our team again in under a year!

Welcome Lyndsey Hoff!

Lyndsey is the perfect person to scale our efforts because she’s passionate about Candidate Experience and has worked her whole career in service to CPAs.

She believes in Client Experience and has worked at it as an entrepreneur, an animal lover, at CPA Alberta, and as a singer.

Lyndsey is going to focus on Experience Manager roles where she supports our contractors that are placed on temporary and interim positions with our clients.

  • She will focus on candidates at all levels
  • She will help us keep our pool strong
  • She will ensure we act with generosity and gratitude within our relationships

Lyndsey is a passionate connector and lives a very full life, is active in her community, and lives Amplify’s purpose in both her work hours and in her spare time.

If you are a candidate looking for a confident chat about the market you can connect with Lyndsey without any commitments.

And if your hiring, working with the energy and focus of Lyndsey could turn a challenge into an Experience!

Join us in celebrating Amplify’s Latest and Greatest!

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