An entrepreneur can bring a lot of empathy to the challenges facing a business.

So it makes sense that a former business owner is going to be a unique addition to your executive team when you hire them as a Fractional CFO.

A few lucky clients are going to get this unique approach when they come onboard with us and Joey is assigned as their CFO.

We are very happy that a market collaborator generously introduced us to Joey who is a fabulous find for us at Amplify!

His Growth approach, as a former business owner himself, is a perfect fit for us and our clients.

Besides being a CFO and partner at his last role and before joining Amplify, Joey held various Finance Leader positions.

With a willingness to get into the weeds, and a skillset that helps him see the big picture, he is a perfect fit for our Growth clients.

Growing up in Winnipeg and being active in the sports world helped Joey hit the ground running here at Amplify.


Joey continues to be a team player with a sport or two for every season including some Amplify favourites like baseball and hockey. He is a husband and volunteer too.

We are very excited to have Joey onboard and humbled to attract talent like him.

The synergy of our Recruiting team finding us the candidates that are the best fit for our values and our Finance Leader services is one that can’t be underestimated.

We are a challenging client for the Recruiters but they step up to our high expectations every time.

Finding Joey and signing him as part of our Epic Team is a great example of the value that we get from one service line to another.

Join us in a warm welcome for Joey. We are so happy to have him get started.

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