Under the cover, things are changing around here!

Amplify’s growth means we now require a support team for ourselves.

When our North Star is Client Experience, we don’t want our team bogged down with administrative work or policies and procedures.

Yup, we aren’t your typical CPA firm!!

Finance Leader

We have an Executive Leadership team, a sales team, and now a support team taking care of back-office, projects and work. Their efforts allow our Finance Leader team, the Tech team, and the Recruiters to live our values, focus on the strategy and growth of our clients and deliver Client Experience.

At the core of all of this is Jodi!

Our first Operations and Marketing Analyst (OMA).

And she does a lot!

Because we run lean! Very lean!

As our OMA Jodi works on:

  • NetSuite
  • projects
  • supporting the ELT
  • documentation
  • process
  • operating models
  • supporting technologies
  • marketing projects

Like we said, she does a lot!

It’s kind of a dumping ground, as most operations jobs can be.

We are grateful to have someone like Jodi to lean on.

Jodi has had great successor training and comes with a growth mindset and a “get it” attitude.

She’s already amplifying us!

Her past is interlinked with some members of our team too.

She started at Graf and worked closely with Jesse and Jordan there and then she joined the pair again at Glacier, an Amplify client.

The power of three is back together again here with us!

She resides with her husband and two boys in Central Alberta. She was a competitive hockey player. She keeps up her athletics with golf and more all while balancing taking care of us and her busy young family.

Join us in celebrating Amplify’s Latest and Greatest!

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