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Finance Leader

From brewing to overseas business, one of our newest CFOs has true diversity in industries, size of organization and regional experience.


Along with that he’s played a part on executive teams, technical accounting, advisory and departmental teams.

It’s exciting to have a true example of “bringing the best of the big” to the passionate space of growth and employer businesses we serve.

Doug is an active father, a fit athlete, a friend of our team, and a former candidate and contractor of ours.

He is taking on a diverse group of clients in distilling, art construction, agriculture and more.

He’ll be serving in the role of Fractional CFO as well as coaching and advising as a Finance Leader.

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Controllers are the backbone!

Within every successful finance and accounting team and every financially strategic organization you’ll find a backbone of good controllership.

The ability to use data and numbers for decisions is dependent on strong accounting records and accurate and timely reporting.

You can’t forecast or get strategic without the backbone.

Our newest controller is Bobby.


Passionate about small and medium business, Bobby is sticking with client service but has branched out of audit and review to join us.

He’s taking on clients where he leads Accounting Services and supports the CFO with Client Experience.

And he’s available for a Fractional Controller opportunity too.

It’s exciting that Bobby is taking his leap out of public practice with us coming from BDO. His teams and clients are amplifying already.

Outside of work, Bobby enjoys spending his spare time hiking, playing basketball and has recently taken up golf.

Finance LeaderCPA

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