If you have noticed an improvement with our marketing it’s because we had the courage to invest, hire and let go.

We finally hired someone to help us with marketing, events, and sales and we are thrilled to welcome Jo to the Growth team!

This hire was a tough one though.

Working with Jamie on this isn’t always easy. While she’s a CPA and has no business in brand and creative, she did take marketing in school (and she might be a bit of a control freak about it all), but she also finds it fun!

Top 5 things Jamie is excited for and that Jo will bring to our Epic Team:
  • No more lugging bags of ice to events Hotface
  • No social media scheduling at the baseball diamond or rink every weekend Spiral calendarBaseballIce hockey
  • Strategic communications and long term thinking instead of off the side of your desk and throwing spaghetti at a wall strategies Compass
  • Building campaigns and targeting growth businesses that we can really help SeedlingOffice building
  • Dealing with formfills, pitch decks and google ads ComputerMan teacher

And so much more. Much, much more!

Because it’s always more than that (Jamie even has a tattoo that says that you know?!), it wasn’t an easy hire.

We’ve tried all kinds of things before and in the end, only Nikki ever met the crazy expectations of Jamie.

But now Nikki can be more strategic with HR and her other impossibility of being Jamie’s EA because marketing is off her shoulders too.

Jo is a major asset to the Growth Team and has added value already!

Ask us about our Epic Growth Team event!

Jo is not new to juggling it all. We actually had to read her resume twice because of all the experience she has of doing everything all at once.

Jo was referred to us by one of our trusted referral partners for a book-keeper/accounting position, but in our candidate intake, Lyndsey in Recruiting saw something special! And that is how we placed Jo in our Marketing Events and Sales role. We knew it would take a unicorn to fill this position and Lyndsey found her.

Lyndsey and Jo and one of our events

We are grateful to Greg at Black Owl for the intro and to our amazing recruiting team who read between the lines and fond an opportunity!

Jo is also a busy mother and a generous soul in our community. She loves to travel and is all about tropical weather, white sandy beaches and lots of fresh fruit! Her mom is from the Philippines and that is where she grew up so we can see why she loves the beach and sunshine. Jo’s dad buitl a daycare in their village, and like her dad, who is very giving by nature, Jo continued down that path and started a non-profit for homeless youth in the Philippines. She lives our values every day at home and at work.

She has a great story – ask her about it when you see her at our next event!

And let her know she’s doing great things with our content!

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