Two former business partners reuniting?

That’s exactly what’s happening on our Epic Team with our latest hire!

We have hired again in our Recruiting Services.

Just on time to help our community with year-end assistance!

Alexa is our latest Recruiting Consultant and she is focused on the temporary placements of CPAs.

Alexa and Hank

Alexa is delivering Client Experience to the Finance and Accounting Hiring managers that invest in their team and get interim assistance.

And she is delivering Candidate Experience to the contractors that get it done!

We saw a need on our team to get more support in the important area of temporary CPA placements.

We are the best in the market at temporary CPA help – why?

Because we have candidates that are known to us, often they’ve worked with us (or for us) before.

Its one of the benefits of being a multi-service line firm.

With over forty employees on Amplify’s Epic Team,

you can bet that the candidates they know and refer to our Recruiting Services

are going to be diverse, amazing and plentiful.

We know how critical this help can be for the business success of Finance and Accounting Hiring Managers.

We also know that investing in your team and having the courage to get the help can be hard.

We want to ensure that the opportunity to earn our client’s business turns into a Client Experience that provides great value.

Part of that is project co-ordination, great onboarding, and lots of communication and feedback.

Alexa is here to focus on this and whatever the Client needs while working with Amplify.

Lastly, Candidate Experience is how we continue to keep the best contractors onboard, so an investment in Alexa, who is going to deliver the best to those candidates, was overdue.

Alexa is here to make the experience working with Amplify the best it can be!

We are a CPA firm and our candidates value that, our values, Aha with Amplify, and more.

And we keep looking for more of that and Alexa is a fabulous example.

We met Alexa through Jodi. (Jodi is our everything around here and works in Operations.) And the two of them had a business together once way back when Alexa was living in small town Alberta and they worked together on @smalltownscoop on Instagram.

Alexa and Jodi back when they were business partners together

While she is part-time with us Alexa is still a business owner too and continues to provide marketing through her newest venture @risevirtually.

She’s a great addition to our Epic Team and we are thrilled to continue to grow our Recruiting team.

It’s great timing too as we are very seriously planning on our Recruiting Service taking off throughout Western Canada.

Alexa serves the whole department from Kelowna and is fully focused on temporary engagements and Client and Candidate Experience.

Besides her roles in marketing, entrepreneurship, and with our Recruiting Services, Alexa is busy with her family in the Okanagan where she lives for the outdoors.

Please join us in celebrating the growth of our Recruiting department and the addition of Alexa!

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