Amplify has been around for five years and like most start-ups our Finance and Accounting was originally done on the side of the desk of a Founder.

Granted, our fierce leader was also a CPA and a CFO so it’s a tad different, right?

But none the less, we took longer than we should have to invest in ourselves and get the help we needed.

Our internal Finance and Accounting team has had a journey – with outsourced book-keeping as our first attempt at help, followed by hiring a part-time controller, and now with a full team that includes a Fractional Director of Finance and Accounting, and our newest addition, Rena who is a full-time Senior Accountant on the Team.

We are very excited to have Rena onboard.

When the opportunity opened up, Josh was thrilled to work with her again! That’s right, she is a former client so when she became a candidate we knew someone was going to win the lottery hiring her. Our timing worked out and that someone was us!

Rena is an energy that adds to our Epic Team.

Outside of her time spent head down in our books and doing the hardest accounting job of all – being an accountant to accountants, Rena is an active community member, a mother, a wife and a busy lady!

We invest in our Support team.

When Jesse and Jamie started Amplify it’s an area that they wanted to disrupt.

In their former professional service roles there was pressure to prioritize administration, do their own billings, follow up on collections, join internal committees, put in face time (AKA suck up time) with TO, take on leadership titles, perform gross margin and profit analysis on engagements, price engagements, go to endless meetings and so much more internal efforts. It was a lot when you also had to sell and you were supposed to deliver the work too.

At Amplify, we wanted to do it differently and keep our team’s administrative and internal time as low as possible. This empowers our Epic Team to prioritize Client Experience. It is our North Star, and Support staff like Rena make it possible for us to deliver that value in our market every day.

We are grateful that we have Rena onboard!

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