New Trends for 2022 or same old same old from 2021?

Now is the time of year we have historically made our predictions for the next year.

We are considering ending this tradition though so we are interested in your feedback.

And if you have a request for them, we’ll reconsider!

The best way to predict the future is to CREATE IT! ~ Peter Drucker

What we are hearing from our CFOs and our clients as we wrap up 2021

  1. We hear about a new boom in energy. Both, historical oil and gas, as well as alternative energy, are facing demand and opportunity.
  2. We know many clients focus on opportunity and that is why many of our Aha with Amplify sessions are geared towards this. Register for our Aha newsletter and sessions if you haven’t already.
  3. We know highly impacted industries continue to struggle with COVID. The work from home order and the health and safety restrictions impact consumer demand. There are very few foreign visitors crossing the border yet. And government subsidies are significantly reduced or unavailable. Our clients are solid, but many in some markets may not be. We continue to hope for a healthy and safe end to the pandemic. In the meantime #supportlocal.
  4. Hiring is a focus for many. Talent is harder to find and harder to keep. Yet budgets are available to bring on help! Our Recruiting team is busy helping accounting and finance departments and working with incredible candidates.
  5. We slowly see more face-to-face business. Despite the continued work from home order, we see more people defining their work in person as essential and required with meetings and hybrid work arrangements. Events are held now too.
  6. We educated business owners on the difference between a CFO and a tax expert and a bookkeeper in the past. (We are still happy to do that!) Now we find more businesses understand the importance of financial strategy and how a Finance Leader can help them grow and scale.
  7. We are seeing business leaders react to activism and social justice issues in various ways. Some are becoming B-Corps and diving in with their purpose and their brand. Others are confused or scared. Some are participating in a reactive or shallow manner. How it’s handled is diverse! It’s impacting almost all organizations. We try to stick to the Dolly approach at Amplify. We work with clients from all political points of view and a range of perspectives. And just like Dolly Parton, we have epic team members with strong personalities. And like the icon, we don’t tie our brand in as its about growth and financial strategy not social issues and we know that we can live our purpose by that focus and our values and Client Experience.
  8. We are shocked at the pick-up of Cloud ERP and the growth in technology investment. We have doubled our business plan in AmplifyTech. We have been too busy building it and delivering Client Experience to launch the new service officially (stay tuned because it’s coming in early 2022!)
  9. Rumour has it we are going to see co-opetition. We’ve always sung about market collaboration and making the market more extensive, so this is exciting if it is true. Supply chain challenges are one driver for some industries. COVID and purpose-led missions are two others. Regardless of why we remain a >90% referral-based business and >60% of those referrals are from CPAs, so we know that working together pays off. We love all of our Business Affiliates and are happy to make referrals and recommendations to our clients and our network.
  10. Funding Creativity is on the rise. Crowd-funding is being considered and launched by many growth entities. Incubators are becoming more local and sophisticated. Organizations, Finance Leaders, and Lawyers are designing new financial instruments and options. These complex funding ideas drive a need for a CFO. That demand is fun for us, but more importantly, they are a path towards scale and growth for our country’s top employer – Small Medium Business, which is incredible.

So yes, we COULD turn these into trends and predictions if you wanted us to.

In the meantime though we would love to hear from you.

What are you seeing? Or expecting?