At Amplify, we know that you want choices and need flexibility during and after this Covid 19 crisis. And that you want strategy and accounting expertise that gets you through these tough times. Strategic financial plans that set you up to stabilize and return to growth.

In order to do that you need to understand the gig economy and the modern business models that could help you.

The challenge is that what you need is strategic and executive level, but during these times of unknowns you aren’t prepared to make long-term commitments or hire on to your team. This makes you feel like your hands are tied or you have too much to learn and understand if you choose to do it yourself.

We believe you deserve to amplify!

We understand these are complex and uncertain times which is why we bring you flexible options that are nimble for Covid 19 recovery.

Here’s how we do it.

We understand what you need and how this pandemic has impacted you and your business.

We collaborate to decide together what type of help you need in strategic financial areas.

We connect you with our team and service line that fits your industry, your needs, and your team culture.

So let’s connect and meet.




In the meantime, read our summary of modern business models.

This will help you understand what options you have and instead of feeling overwhelmed or out of control during this crisis, you can get back to pivoting your strategy and planning to revamp post-Covid.




You can meet any set of expectations with the new world of business models available.

They each have their place.

They are different but each can be successful.

The key is clear expectations and investing in the option that meets what you need.

We don’t have to be limited anymore.

We don’t have to look at our budget and fill a role with a person that we can afford.

Now we can look at what we actually need and find a business model (or a traditional FTE) that meets our needs.

Affordable and scalable – modern business models open up a world of opportunities.

In times like now, this flexibility is key to staying ahead. Leveraging what you need in a model that is more cost effective and scalable than a FTE can be the difference between ramping up and getting back in control and not.

If you didn’t feel ready before, now might be the time to pivot and consider.




At Amplify, we have three service lines.

Our Recruiting is a service line that places contractors in all levels and all size entities. We work in accounting and finance. We also place FTEs. Our recruiting service line is Contract work and also Full-Time Employees.



Our Consulting is a service line that does consulting and project work similar to the Advisor or Contractor roles. Our consulting service is also appropriate for all size entities. We work on accounting and finance projects and can help with nearly any need in that function.

Our Finance Leaders work on annual contracts that are at either an Advisor or Fractional level. We work Virtual only when the client is also virtual/remote. Our strategic value is as fractional CFO/controller. We specialize with growing small and medium entities. We also Outsource the full finance & accounting function with our Accounting Services.

We cover all modern business models. For larger entities, we connect you to Contractors or FTEs. We also can assist as a consultant to get projects done. For small & medium businesses we do all of that too. But our core service is our Finance Leaders & we believe in culture & team & connection. That belief has us investing in a Fractional CFO service that is the best in class. We join the executive team & we work as one of you.

We are here for you if you want to learn about new business models or work with a CPA to recover, stabilize, and get back to growth.