Don’t you hate it when you have an important or busy day and you just feel off from a lack of sleep?

There are a lot of things to keep a person awake these days. Stresses of health and safety, economic uncertainty, worries that your kid isn’t ready for the next grade after homeschooling are just a few.

I originally wrote this post in the spring. But summer has brought some good news – lots of time outside, hitting the fairways & watching the kids at ball.

But I can’t sleep!

And while I offer proven sleep solutions below, none of them can help the mosquito bites that have me up every night right now!!!

Anyone from Winnipeg that can provide some tips on that?



Here are three tips to get a better sleep and show up as the leader you are meant to be:

  1. Word game
  2. Reading
  3. Reduce stress


This trick works but we didn’t invent it — see the link just below for more details.

It keeps the mind busy enough not to wonder, but it also keeps your thoughts light enough to avoid all those late-night rabbit holes that we tend to fall into after dark.

Here’s how it goes:

Name a word


Spell the word

D – O  – G

Take the last letter of that word


Name a G word


Spell it / take last letter / on and on…







There are more details in the article link HERE so click it and learn more.

I use it and it works. It calms you. It stops you from distractions. It can also be fun. But it can be stressful when you get stumped and you don’t have spellcheck though!


I’ve read before bed since before I can even remember.

There is a reason you read to your kids before bed. It’s still applicable to you today.

Be wary of 2020 though.
You might get sucked into:

  • Reading social media
  • Reading articles
  • Reading business books
  • Audibles
  • Browsing on your phone
  • Emails
  • COVID updates and conspiracies

Nope! You need to go back to the basics. You need to read a story.

The win-win? If it doesn’t work, you’ll have spent the time reading! And taken time for you. They call it self care.

And it will be easier to nag the kids if you can confidently know you put in your 20 minutes a day too!

It’ll work though and you’ll find you fall asleep disappointed that you can’t make it to the next page.








Our clients sleep better. At least that’s what we hear from their spouses and their friends.

But why do they sleep better?

We take the burden of financial leadership off leaders’ overflowing list of responsibilities.

Even the ones that did the CFO role well sleep better knowing it’s no longer just on them. Having someone with their best interest in mind, understanding the goals of the organization with the skill set and experience to manage cashflow and accounting and finance can amplify your business, but it can also help you aa leader.

The freedom to lead and focus on the team and growth might be too exciting to let you sleep.

But better to lack sleep from excitement & intensity than stress & worry right?

You can always find calm with the first two tricks!

To get started, read more about How to Hire a CFO and sleep tight tonight!