Growth doesn’t come with a single action. It is the consequence of persistence, courage and hard work.

Amplify is still growing!

We are thrilled to announce another Finance Leader, Don Baird, who is joining our epic team and Julie Chan who is our new NetSuite Senior Business Consultant with our AmplifyTech team!

Welcome to our newest CFO, Don Baird.
Why have one Baird when you can have 2? (But, no, Don is not related to our Jason Baird).

Don is the first hire we’ve made of a CFO who’s been friendly competition as an independent contractor. He’s been selling CFO services for a long time and it’s humbling that someone who’s been successful on their own wants to join our epic team.

It’s a compliment to know that our values and our Client Experience attracts the right people and provides an Employee Experience compelling enough to jump onboard.

We are are up for the challenge and hope we live up to it for Don.

Don has been referred to us countless times. Trusted professionals back in our Big 4 days made a point of connecting Jesse and I to Don.

That trust was earned by great service and professionalism and we are excited to have the chance to bring it to our clients.

Don has diverse industry expertise and a proven track record.

He’s a dad, a husband and has a cat. He’s also a community member including, long term involvement with Parks Foundation Calgary.

Julie converts from contractor to employee!

We are thrilled to have Julie join our growing AmplifyTech service line.

When we became an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider we had some very hard conversations about what that meant to us as a brand. In particular, how were we going to maintain the North Star of our Client Experience while doing projects that are transformative, yet with the opening act of being brutally challenging .

An experience that focuses on growth and strategy for our Clients and strong relationships, while implementing IT and ERP projects, is a different playbook than the others.

So the challenge quickly became this differentiation that we could leverage.

One of the ways we break the stereotypes of IT consulting is by ensuring every project and decision is a business project and a business decision. Not just automation, process or technology.

Hiring someone like Julie to bring business leadership to project management and focus on Client Experience completes the intersection between business and technology for our Clients’ success.

Knowing our clients are seeing us live our values in an effort to help them scale and have the tools they need for financial strategy is vital to our purpose here at Amplify.

Julie has has worked with Amplify for three years. Starting in early COVID days she worked on behalf of us on a federal help desk to support small businesses seeking assistance in uncertain times. She’s led the same system selection projects that gave us our lightbulb moment that our community needs a local NetSuite partner. She’s worked in controller roles, been a candidate, and always been a steady supporter of Amplify.

In conjunction to temp work with us, Julie has worked as an entrepreneur and has a long history in small and medium business providing expertise, as CFO and business owner.

She’s earned that wisdom that comes from being a consultant at a Big 4 and hails from the homeland (of some of us!) and is a fellow U of S alumni.

She’s close to her family, a rabid reader of all things fascinating and an avid runner.

Please welcome Julie!

Join us in celebrating Amplify’s Latest and Greatest!

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