Every day we celebrate those that we call ‘joiners’ – those that have the courage to get on board a new start-up led by freshly minted entrepreneurs. The epic team members that took that risk with us are so close to our hearts.

As we graduate from start-up to scale up, we recognize that it is the ‘joiners’ amazingness that attracts the fantastic clients we are humbled to serve and allows us to go to market and grow with continued hiring success.

Our permanent team is growing super fast! We love the people that come on board as employees serving our Finance Leader, consulting, and AmplifyTech clients.

It is with great gratitude that we proudly share our latest hires with you. Please reach out to them as they begin the next part of an already exciting career on the Amplify team with us.


We are thrilled to welcome Danny Chiarastella to our epic team!

It’s awesome to have a new Finance Leader (CFO) joining us that is an exceptional example of enhancing communities, and that is just what Danny brings.

Born and raised in Calgary, and now raising his own family here, Danny contributes to his city and community through various levels of volunteer work.

Danny’s contribution to the network of Financial Executives International (FEI) is generous and impressive. We met him when Jamie joined FEI Calgary in 2020. Danny has served as the Calgary Chair for the past three years and has now moved on to support the National Board.

Most recently, Danny was with an EdTech company. Before that, he spent his career working in the oil and gas energy services sector and trained at BDO.

Danny is well respected and appreciated in the world of CPAs, CFAs, and MBAs that lean on FEI for their CPD and networking opportunities. He hit the ground running when he joined Amplified on a busy new client and looks forward to building more relationships with new clients soon.

When Danny isn’t working or volunteering, he spends time with his wife and two young daughters. He may be outnumbered at home but he says his girls keep him busy with hiking, biking, and basketball.