Mum guilt, working, and tips to manage it – Million Dollar Decisions for Mums Podcast

On todays episode Jamie provides a wonderful example of how mother's can in fact, if they want, work full time without the guilt. We chat about ways to manage the transition, tips, and rituals. We loved the tip about how they share the household duties, how they

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Working Mom AND Rich Mom

*This blog has been updated from a previously published blog in November 2019.   We expect women to work like they don’t have children and raise children as if they don’t work. The pressure is real for

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ARTICLE: How To Cope As A Working Mother

The Business Woman Media When you have ambitions and a job that you need to network and build a personal brand it can be challenging to prioritize and balance. These ideas hold true though: Set priorities Prioritize connection and deep relationships. Recognize that they are at the

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