In our three-part discussion on consistency we’ve discovered that its virtue is most apparent as a leader.

When we show up with similar energy, and we react with expected responses, we earn trust.

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If we lead by living our core values and focusing on our North Star, our purpose, our growth, and our strategy, we give our team confidence.

How do we build a team that we can influence and get consistent results from?

Hiring and building your employee experience with the right people in the right roles is foundational to leadership.

Our Recruiting Services team works with expert hiring managers that get our help in the recruiting so that they can focus on what they are good at in the hiring process.

Top three examples of consistency in great hiring


1. Find a new team member that adds to your culture and gets your purpose, values, North Star and strategy. That is how you are going to grow.

When someone is aligned and passionate about what you are trying to achieve, they will make an impact quickly.

Your culture and employee experience or engagement are going to exist regardless.

Hiring leaders have a chance to design and build it to represent what they are setting out to accomplish.

It happens through consistent interview methods and messaging during recruitment.

Culture is built through consistency that starts long before day 1.

Your job posting, your public brand and presence, how you prescreen, your communication, and your process must be consistent if you want to find great team members consistently.


2. In today’s world, you hear of candidates “ghosting.” Even new hires do it!

How crazy to live in a world where potential employees or contracted ones don’t show up after committing?

Here’s the thing, ghosting trends by candidates seems new and bizarre, yet employers have been doing it for years!

(Business karma might be a thing)

Candidate Experience is the first employee engagement with you.

If you consistently show respect, consistently value their time and keep communication timely and consistent, you’ll set the stage for a successful new team member.

Our Recruiting Services prioritizes Candidate Experience. And if there’s a fork in the road (which there rarely is), they’ll consistently put the needs of our candidates ahead of others.

That’s how we build our network and set up our CPAs for outstanding temporary contracts or permanent roles.

The hiring leaders we work with appreciate our approach.


3. Creating a culture of flexibility is threading the needle between empowerment and chaos.

Without policy and rules, and the consistency they bring, you are at constant risk of disorder.

As a Hiring Leader, you need to push back on some flexibility to bring confidence to your team and the organization’s leaders.

Even if they resist, there are some areas of hiring that benefit too much from consistency to be overrode by flexibility.

The need for consistency is prominent if your business is in the stage of scaling.

So how do you be consistent in hiring?

  • Reference checks
  • Prescreen criteria and/or questions
  • Interview style and questions
  • Offering compensation within preset corporate salary ranges
  • Communication

These are just a few!

As Hiring Leaders, three areas we are involved in are culture and fit, candidate experience and leadership.

All of these benefit significantly from consistency.

Our other areas of responsibility do too!

Questions To Ponder
  1. Do you think sticking to a consistent set of questions is too scripted?
  2. Does the candidate push back because it doesn’t flow or feel authentic?
  3. Do you agree that some spontaneous conversations and responses in hiring builds a stronger more natural team?
  4. Where do you see benefits and downsides of consistency?

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