We are a big fan of hustle!

You know, that sense of urgency to get it done?!

We have ambitious goals for ourselves and our clients at Amplify and we understand that growth takes some grinding and some hustle.

That’s how we Amplify!


This article raises some really good points when it comes to our culture and our hustle: Why Are Millennials Buying Into Hustle Culture?


At Amplify, we have hard working CPAs that hustle side by side with their clients. Some of them do this part-time with one client and balance other life priorities at the same time, while others hustle full-time in order to grow the business and produce results. Many of us find our groove somewhere in between. But the common denominator with all of us is the hustle!


Often though when we are so busy hustling we forget to do the little (big) things that keep us from burning out. Here are three important reminders that help me balance my hustle and avoid burnout. And funny enough, these reminders could also really help working moms (and dads) too.



Connection is at the intersection of health, longevity, success, and happiness. Connecting at work ensures your personal well-being as well as the success of your career. It helps you feel like your time at work isn’t all about tasks and deadlines and projects. When you connect with others at work, through friendships, engaging conversations and banter, you feel more connected to your co-workers and your job and you enjoy the work day a whole lot more.


Studies show that having a best friend at work is important to employee engagement and production.  Building connections with your team and/or co-workers allows you to lean on them when times get tough or when you are at risk of burnout. Most importantly, you are at work for the majority of your day so connecting and contributing to your health, longevity, and happiness is vital while also keeping you on track for success.



Your time is valuable and burnout from mundane administrative tasks is just not an option. Outsourcing and delegating these tasks will free up your time so you can spend it on the things that really matter…the tasks that add value to your work or business. Delegating also provides an opportunity for you to have your work reviewed by a second set of eyes. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • If you have a team, leverage them and make them accountable for more. Many professionals feel underutilized in their current roles so give them these additional tasks, it’s a win-win for everybody.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, get an assistant to help you out. There are plenty of virtual part-time options out there that will take some of these tasks off your plate!

On the domestic side, don’t do things you don’t love! Get some help with house-cleaning, laundry and anything else that gets in the way of the life you want to live! Time is a precious resource, so value it appropriately and spend the money to get it back.



At Amplify, we value courage and curiosity. Some might ask what that even means as an accountant. The answer though is the same for anyone who wants to be a leader, in any department, and at any level. To amplify you need to be curious and want to understand the business. You also want to understand the people in the business so that you can connect and be creative.


It takes courage to be creative. Courage to ask the hard questions. Courage to make the recommendations that are unexpected but lead to amplified growth.


Creativity isn’t possible if your body and mind are tired.


Sometimes, you have to take a step back to re-energize. That’s how every visionary comes up with new ideas. It’s so important and it can’t be limited to only the time you spend in the shower!



Hustle is key and you’ve got to do it if you want to Amplify yourself and your business, but be careful, burnout is deadly.


If you are always trying to do everything yourself and operating on the edge of burnout every day, then you are not living your best life or doing your best work.


Connect. Outsource. Delegate. Re-energize!


Before long you will have control over your time and you will be ready to go!