Remember back in the day when you went on a wine tour and you would ask,

“Can I revisit that one?”

Yup, that’s the sophisticated way of asking for another free sample.

No shame in it. It’s a critical part of the experience!

(And if this tip is new to you – you are welcome! The revisit is life changing!)



You’ve asked for it so we are delivering.

​Welcome to Amplify’s REVISIT EDITION where we revisit the most popular content that we’ve previously shared with you.


First – the best hits the blog!

So you actually don’t have to ask for it or hunt through your inbox. Our favourite content gets its spot online: Revisit at your liberty anytime. Share too!

Winter Blues as a Business Leader

Recent – our latest newsletter on how to survive the winter blues was a long read. So it’s not surprising you didn’t get through it! Ten tips to survive the January funk are here again:

New Years

The real New Year – Our September newsletter was one of our best read.

The PDF discussed is now published and its here for direct download:

EBOOK 5Cs COVID-19 A Tool for Business Leaders Growing through this Crisis.pdf

Work From Home

We chatted about our experience running a remote culture long before it became forced or fashionable. Of course, we are remote because we match the culture of the client and love to work from their offices with our client teams. (Not because we pick to work from home.) However, those client visits have been largely paused! Read how we built our culture while locating remotely from each other:



A few of our newsletters touched on strategy. We are passionate about it and well trained in it, too. We invested in more training over the holiday season too. If you need consulting in corporate strategy reach out to us. In the meantime, here are some light reads:


Forecasting – we do it as part of our CFO role and we share the way to get it going here:

Business Stages

Last, but not least – a discussion of business stages:

Thanks for revisiting our wines, I mean, our content!

(Not quite as fun as a sunny wine region and an ask for 2nd liquids is it? But we make due in these unprecedented times!)