How Embracing Your Financials Can Save Your Business from Disaster | Collisions YYC

"When you’re creating a product and then you’ve got that inventory on shelves, but you haven’t sold it, that’s a major cash flow issue." — JAMIE L. SMITH (25:12) Talking about money isn't always fun, and some business owners wait until it's too late to discuss financial strategy. But

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Legacy Builders Unleashed | Merin Coutts Consulting

Join Merin Coutts and Jamie for the fifth episode of "Legacy Builders Unleashed." Discover strategies to transform your business into a sellable entity, independent of a single owner, with robust management and solid financials. Uncover critical elements such as owner independence, strong management, financial health, efficient systems, branding, tech

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How Values Came First…Literally! | Culture Hack

Join the conversation as Adam and Jamie unravel the essence of Amplify's culture, where purpose meets passion and innovation thrives. Discover how Amplify's culture isn't just a buzzword but a guiding force deeply intertwined with their core values. Jamie unveils the secrets behind building a community-driven culture that not

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Episode 236: Amplify Your Financial Strategy

For Episode 237 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Jamie L. Smith, the Chief Experience Officer at Amplify Advisors. Amplify Advisors helps small and medium-sized growth-focused businesses with their financial strategy. Their mission is to enhance communities, cultivate connections, and amplify opportunities by aiding these small to medium-sized

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A Personal Story About Leveling Up

This blog is a personal & vulnerable one. It is about transition and leveling up. Let's start with the Amplify story part... In May 2018, Jesse and I (Jamie) incorporated and set a timeline to launch Amplify in Oct 2018. Jesse and Jamie in January 2019 shortly after

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