The start of a new decade is quite the year to predict for.  It is hard to narrow down.


This year I’m focusing on these three:







I’m predicting that 2020 will be the year that successful organizations & professionals see gratitude as a cultural focus. There is gratitude consistently next to connection in happiness studies, but it also shows up in studies of business success. It wouldn’t surprise me if it impacted health & longevity directly, too and was entirely at the intersection with the connection. Gratitude with customers, clients & network is a way to have better (& more fruitful) days selfishly. The irony of how self-serving the act is can’t be lost on many!?


Learning is becoming a root of job satisfaction. Opportunities with learning & the ability to act on the job are impactful. The chance to make a difference & advance your career & mindset is one to seek.


Storytelling is an incredible tool for connection. It gets the message across. It makes the person or topic relatable. It advances learning. The use of storytelling over visuals could be upon us. The battle is the Twitter universe & the extreme conciseness & how they will impede the art of the story. Better use of stories will become a more significant business language component, including writing, video, meetings & other times of communication.



Read more about my predictions for 2020 with detailed discussions posted below:




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