Bringing NetSuite Expertise From Abroad!

We met Paul before he came to Canada! We were humbled to keep the conversation going and finally have an opportunity that fits us both. Paul is a CPA in his home country and an asset to the team and our firm. After all, this is a financial strategy

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NetSuite Expert Enhancing Client Experience

Paolo is a student from Philippines and is residing in Red Deer. We are excited by his extensive NetSuite experience and we know he’ll be an asset for the clients we help with consulting, support and implementations. He joins us after working for Oracle NetSuite, independently and for other

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Meet Dave: Our New Acumatica Expert!

Dave is getting prepared to be an expert in Acumatica and will bring his solution architect years and technical experience to our team and our clients. Dave joined us after a long career with a company familiar to the founders, and several years in Canada and his home country

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Our clients aren’t the only ones who are scaling and growing!  AmplifyTech is too!  At Amplify, we know that building a successful business is a team effort. We are leading experts in the fields of #technology and #business.  We strive to live our purpose at Amplify:  Enhancing Communities Amplifying

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How Important is Consistency?

At Amplify we discussed how consistency matters in leadership. In particular, we talked about how kids respond to coaching better when there is consistency. If you are consistently calm, there’s power in that. And if you are intense - having consistency in that can make it inspiring and optimistic.

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Growth Doesn’t Come With A Single Action.

Growth doesn't come with a single action. It is the consequence of persistence, courage and hard work. Amplify is still growing! We are thrilled to announce another Finance Leader, Don Baird, who is joining our epic team and Julie Chan who is our new NetSuite Senior Business Consultant with

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Amplify Is Growing!

Profitable growth relies on the right systems, processes, and people in place to scale the business and support the team. We have new hires to celebrate our growth! Ian as a Finance Leader and Accounting Services Manager. We met Ian through an alumni CFO and he joins

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New Finance Leader Team Members At Amplify

Corporate Controllers and Accountants oh my! We've got them all starting with Amplify right now so have a look! Are you a CPA who would like to join our network? HILARY Businesses that outsource their full accounting and finance function to Amplify have peace of mind.

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Is Your Business Too Risk Averse?

Companies that are risk-averse give up opportunities and new ideas in favour of safe investment and steady profit. Generally, this is a side-effect of short-term focus. Short-term focus happens when you are publicly traded and driving quarter by quarter or if you are otherwise pushed by stakeholders and investors

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Clouds On Top

Clouds are on top for a reason. They float so high because they refuse to carry any burden. ~ Jasleen Kaur Gumber ​ Cloud Systems It is 2021 and cloud systems are the obvious choice. You can read more about Cloud ERPs here. As you consider cloud there are some

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