Welcoming Ryan: A Passionate Finance Leader to Amplify

Ryan was trained similarly to Jesse and Jamie, and while cross-over was non-existent or minimal, it always made him a friend of Amplify! With consulting experience and mindset, he fills a much-needed gap in our team, and we were excited to discuss finally making him an Amplifier. Ryan’s attitude

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Cash Accounting vs. Accrual Accounting

Do you know how your books and records are accounted for? Many bookkeepers will use a simple cash-based accounting system that ensures that transactions are recorded when cash outflows or inflows occur. Yet, generally accepted accounting principles do not include cash-based recording. Accrual accounting is what’s required by financial

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How Embracing Your Financials Can Save Your Business from Disaster | Collisions YYC

"When you’re creating a product and then you’ve got that inventory on shelves, but you haven’t sold it, that’s a major cash flow issue." — JAMIE L. SMITH (25:12) Talking about money isn't always fun, and some business owners wait until it's too late to discuss financial strategy. But

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The Best of the Big!

Abraham brings the “best of the big” with his global Big 4 years, including transaction services. He has also overseen and participated in rapid growth and knows its challenges and opportunities. These and more made him a great addition to the team. Our CFOs love having access to his

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Transforming Client Experience and Fueling Growth

Wow! What has been done! Our former Experience Manager (who wore a few hats at the same time), Paul (Director of Finance Leader Services) was quick to say that Kaylee has transformed this role and made it her own super fast. Everyone is blown away. We are excited to

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Our Longest Recruit Proves Worth the Wait!

We've known George, and we've been privileged by his help and support since day one of Amplify. He has sent us clients, got emerging ERP demos, provided candidates, attended Aha with Amplify, and so much more. The timing wasn't right for him to take the leap and become an

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Legacy Builders Unleashed | Merin Coutts Consulting

Join Merin Coutts and Jamie for the fifth episode of "Legacy Builders Unleashed." Discover strategies to transform your business into a sellable entity, independent of a single owner, with robust management and solid financials. Uncover critical elements such as owner independence, strong management, financial health, efficient systems, branding, tech

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How Values Came First…Literally! | Culture Hack

Join the conversation as Adam and Jamie unravel the essence of Amplify's culture, where purpose meets passion and innovation thrives. Discover how Amplify's culture isn't just a buzzword but a guiding force deeply intertwined with their core values. Jamie unveils the secrets behind building a community-driven culture that not

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Financial Literacy

Chances are you or your team lack it! Here’s how you can test that bold claim: How many employees, or at least managers, have read your latest financials? Wait - do you have financials? Do you release them to those running your business? How many employees, or at least

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An Idealist Story: When You Know You Need a CFO

At Amplify, we are growth consultants and an epic team of business leaders that help clients navigate all areas of their growth.  But let's get to the heart of the matter - we are CFOs.  When do you Need a CFO?  Some call our perspective idealistic, but we built

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